Social Media Marketing

Brief Appreciation

  • To create a brand awareness in the market - premium position in its midscale market segment
  • To promote our rooms sales and F&B
  • Dine at our restaurants and promote the take away boxes too

Understanding Travel Behaviour In India

  • 71 per cent millennial ready to travel within India in next 6 months
  • About 42 per cent millennial say they find lack of proper information on COVID-19 restrictions a major challenge while planning a holiday within India
  • Safety & Hygiene is the new brand
  • Factor influencing travel - attractive hotel & resort package, easy connectivity, state Covid policies

Our Target Audience

Category: Leisure - Family
Age: 30 - 55
Interest: Tourism, Holidays, Vacations, Family,
Kids Education

Category: Corporate
Age: 28 - 55
Interest: Business travel, Flyer programmes,
Exhibition, Conference

Social content buckets bifurcation

Contest Idea: Tongue Twister

  • Give audience a unique way to interact & engage

Activity flow
  • Kick start the activity: Say the TT right, 5 times
  • Nominate 5 friends to take up the challenge
  • Build momentum with seeded videos
  • Conclude activity with gratification

Sample Carousel Content

Sample Content - Gif

The months-long wait to dine at your favourite #Hotel restaurants are open to dine in or takeaways with guidelines such as thermal checks, social distancing and contactless dining. Book now <link>

Sample Content - Topical

Hand washing is key to prevent the spread of #COVID19 and ensuring #BetterHealth outcomes beyond the pandemic. Join us this #GlobalHandwashingDay to ensure hand washing is a priority now.

Sample Content - Static

Take time for yourself and create your own space with unlimited peace and great offers at #Hotel. Book now <link>Take time for yourself and create your own space Book now