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Website Development: An Overview 📱💻

💡💻Where is Website Hosted?📱

I exist as a cloud-based service, hosted by OpenAI. Your requests are sent to OpenAI's servers, where my algorithms process the information and generate responses. However, there are several ways to determine where a website is hosted, including using online tools that perform IP address✉️ or domain name lookups or checking the website's DNS records. If you have the website's domain name, you can also perform a WHOIS lookup to find information about the website's registrar and hosting provider.

Hosting is comprised of a variety of different services. And although it is possible to have all your hosting services through a single company, it isn't uncommon to see a site have each of its hosting services provided through several hosting companies.

We could have us:

  1. Domain Registration with GoDaddy

  2. Your DNS hosted on a private server

  3. Your web hosting with Media Temple

  4. Your CDN with CloudFlare

  5. Your email hosting with G Suite (Google)

Before starting, it may be helpful for you to get familiar with the concept of how is website hosting 🚀

1. DOMAIN REGISTRATION : A domain registration is a service that ensures you own the name of your site. As a quick reminder, domain registration does not include your website’s code, files, database, or email.

You can quickly check your domain registration provider by doing a WHOIS search🔍

  • Navigate to a WHOIS search engine

  • Search for your domain name.

  • Look through your results until you find the Re-seller information. This will let you know who is servicing your domain registration. If your results do not show a Reseller, you can look for the registration information.

  • Now, where to go to make domain registration changes! The domain registration is also where you would change the nameservers.

2. NAMESERVERS : The nameservers determine where your DNS files are hosted. This information is important if you plan to make DNS changes. This can also be quickly found through a WHOIS search.

    1. Use a WHOIS search engine
    2. Search for your domain name.
    3. Look through your results until you find the Name Server information. This will let you know who is hosting your DNS.

Now, we know where to go to make DNS changes.

3. WEB HOSTING : Your web hosting is where your code, files, images, videos, etc are residing. A quick way to find your web hosting provider is by digging the A-record DNS.

  • Use a DNS checker

  • Search your domain name. Make sure you are searching for the A-Record.

  • An IP address should propagate from your search.

  • Now visit an IP search site

  • Enter the IP address you found. The result should tell you to know where the IP is originating from.

  • If you are a Media Temple customer and have multiple servers for web hosting, you can check which one your site is residing in by logging into your media temple account and comparing the DNS results to your server IP Address.

  • Now, You know where to go to make changes to your website code, files, image, video, etc.

4. FIREWALLS AND CDNS : If your site is using a firewall or CDN (Content Delivery Network), the A-record that appears may be different from your actual web host. This is because when you activate a CDN change, it will typically require you to change your A-records.

5. EMAIL : Email hosting refers to the server that controls your email sending/receiving. This can be checked by looking up the MX records for your domain.

  • Use a DNS checker

  • Search for your domain name. Ensure you are searching for the MX-Record.

  • You should see MX records propagate from your search.

  • Take the MX record you just found, and search for its A-type record. This should output an IP address.

  • Now you visit an IP search site

  • Enter the IP address you found. The result should tell you where the IP is originating from.

  • Now you know which company/account to visit in order to make email-related changes (add/remove users, change passwords, check email, etc).

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